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When you love chili pepper spice. For the hearty, earthiness or the heat, this box gives you endless possibilities. Three individual cultural blends are inspired by cuisines of the Middle East (tangy and fragrant with sumac), Japan (the spicy one with Togarashi chile), and our very own California (bold all-purpose blend). 

Check out our blog for some amazing recipes! And may we recommend a taste buds tip? Cut up some root vegetables, drizzle with our Coratina Olive Oil, and coat with any of these three blends. Makes each side dish unique, or together in a chopped salad, a total palate pleaser!

These are your everyday essentials. Elevated. Crafted by Trent Blodgett, Spice Tribe are single origin, direct sourced of the highest quality ingredients, bold flavors and an ethos of putting the power back in the hands of the indigenous farmers who grow these magical ingredients.


Ancient Halaby is a blend of Aleppo chiles and sumac, a citrus-ey berry native to the Middle East. This blend is a tribute to the resilient and inspiring people of this land.  A delicious addition to seafood, chicken and even lamb, it is one of the first spice blends I ever made and will forever be one of my favorites.  

Kissed by Binchotan aka shichimi togarashi is a red chile pepper blend translating to “seven spice.” Centered around the fruity yet spicy Togarashi chile, this blend is traditionally used in Japan to sprinkle over bbq skewers after they have been kissed by the hot embers of binchotan charcoal. There is no limit to this blend’s potential. Dust your fried chicken with it, sprinkle over a bowl of poke, use it as a rub for beef or simply elevate sautéed vegetables. Warning: This blend is spicy.  

California Love is an all-purpose chile blend, delicious on anything you would use chile powder on. Trenst says, 
Inspired by the flavors of my childhood, California Love is dedicated to my Dad, whose passion in the kitchen set me on my path of spreading love through food."

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