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The Finishing box includes Maras Chile Flakes (fresh, moist and flavorful like you wouldn't believe!), Wild Cured Sumac (also super fresh and moist with a tangy, citrus, floral taste) and California Coast Sea Salt Flakes (crisp, brine and clean). Just the right amount of savory for the final touch–organic farming and high quality products that will heighten your recipes.

These are your everyday essentials. Elevated. Crafted by Trent Blodgett, Spice Tribe are single origin, direct sourced of the highest quality ingredients, bold flavors and an ethos of putting the power back in the hands of the indigenous farmers who grow these magical ingredients.


Maras Chile Flakes are like no other chili pepper flake you've had– this beautifully mild Aleppo chile will become a fantastic daily addition to provide just a hint of heat with a sweet and smoky finish.

Sumac with a sunny tang that turns into a pucker. Rather than sun-drying, the bright red berry is chopped and packed in salt to cure, preserving the fresh-picked floral aroma of the fruit.

California Coast Sea Salt Large flakey salt crystals are prized by chefs for their crisp flavor and delicate texture. Locally hand-harvested from the Pacific Ocean and slow-cooked over the fire the old fashion way.

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