Spice Tribe / Culinary / Single Origin Spices / Colorful Box

$ 30.00

The Colorful box includes Saffron, Turmeric and Smoky Paprika. Potent flavors, organic farming and high quality products that will deepen your recipes and adds health benefits to your golden milk.

These are your everyday essentials. Elevated. Crafted by Trent Blodgett, Spice Tribe are single origin, direct sourced of the highest quality ingredients, bold flavors and an ethos of putting the power back in the hands of the indigenous farmers who grow these magical ingredients.


Sargol Saffron is from the fertile Hari River Valley in Afganistan. The best available, featuring only the bright red tips of the stigma, where the highest quality active compounds and flavors reside.  Bring distinct flavor and color to your risotto and paella with this beautiful culinary favorite.

Java Turmeric is freshly ground grown. From the rich soils of Indonesia, the farm uses sustainable and organic methods that enable its sweet and floral characters to shine through. The farmers we partner with are committed to regenerative farming for the good of their communities and environment. Add Java Turmeric to curries and golden milk with a pinch of black pepper to bring out its naturally anti-inflammatory effects.

Pimentón de la Vera (Paprika) speaks for itself with a ruby red tone and smoky flavor that we believe it is the best of the best of the Paprika from Spain. There are so many ways to enhance your cooking with the magic of this beautiful spice, from Spain’s national dish Paella Valenciana to sprinkling on proteins and beyond.

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