Spice Tribe / Culinary / Single Origin Spices / Baking Box

$ 30.00

The Baking box includes Island Nutmeg, Cassia Cinnamon and Oasis Coriander Seeds. Potent flavors, organic farming and high quality products that will deepen your baked goods recipes.

These are your everyday essentials. Elevated. Crafted by Trent Blodgett, Spice Tribe are single origin, direct sourced of the highest quality ingredients, bold flavors and an ethos of putting the power back in the hands of the indigenous farmers who grow these magical ingredients.⠀


Island Nutmeg is hand harvested in Indonesia and carefully peeled and sun dried to produce a potent and beautiful product that will enhance baked goods and even cream based pasta sauces and fillings. This product is 100% organic and regeneratively farmed.

Padang Cassia Cinnamon is sourced in Sumatra from farmers who are dedicated to regenerative organic farming of their forests to bring you an extremely high quality product that's great in sweet and savory applications.

Oasis Coriander Seeds are included in this trio as they are great toasted then ground for cakes and cookies recipes, adding a a nutty high note to your typical allspice, cloves, ginger and cinnamon baking blends. Sourced from Northern Egypt near the Faiyum Oasis in the western desert of the Nile Valley, this coriander is 100% organically grown and has been used in this area, both culinarily and medicinally, since ancient times.

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