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New "Mosslings" Series by Spacecat Ceramics artist Amy Breed collect things from forests in Marin and they become part of these moss monsters!

Mosscap believes that it is enough to exist in the world and marvel at its endless wonders. You don't need to justify or earn it, you are allowed to just happily live. They look for the shimmering beauty in how the the rain gathers on the leaves. They find quiet joy in watching growing mushrooms slowly unfurl their velvet caps. They collect small treasures like ivy leaves and have warm conversations with a snail friend. And that is enough.

Mosslings are little stone monsters that grow moss on themselves and wander the forests collecting what they personally consider to be treasures, like mushrooms and crystals and leaves. They were inspired by artist Amy Breed's rainy walks up Blithedale canyon and into the forests of Marin. They're the most intricate monsters yet, with mineral washes, underglazes, textured glazes, clear glaze, and raw clay. The moss is all handmade along with other decoration, and many of them have rock textures pressed into them.
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