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New "Mosslings" Series by Spacecat Ceramics artist Amy Breed collect things from forests in Marin and they become part of these moss monsters!

Morning Glory always quietly hums as she makes her way through the forest and takes care to softly walk on the velvety moss because it makes her smile to feel it underneath her feet. She spends her days searching for sunbeams, collecting her treasured flowers, and making beautiful crowns to share with her fellow mosslings.

Mosslings are little stone monsters that grow moss on themselves and wander the forests collecting what they personally consider to be treasures, like mushrooms and crystals and leaves. They were inspired by artist Amy Breed's rainy walks up Blithedale canyon and into the forests of Marin. They're the most intricate monsters yet, with mineral washes, underglazes, textured glazes, clear glaze, and raw clay. The moss is all handmade along with other decoration, and many of them have rock textures pressed into them.
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