RatxChicks Ceramics / Trophy / Rabbits on the Phone

$ 2,850.00

It is the year of the rabbit so RatxChicks artist Michelle Im wanted to create communication vessels, like a warp in time. “A kind of sending messages into the universe…talking about the universe. But they’re rabbits obviously,” she said.

Rabbits talking on the phone and playing in the fields and ocean; and carrot handles make this trophy vessel especially whimsical.

Michelle often pairs motifs that are deliberately out of sync to capture a sense of approachable absurdity. "I’m interested in how ideas travel over time and geography. Researching ceramic history has always been a source of inspiration. I use a Maiolica painting technique in my work which responds to the earthenware traditions of Italian Maiolica and Dutch Delftware that arose out of the global demand for Chinese blue and white porcelain," she told us.
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