Kikuko Kohno / Ceramics / 8 Inch Bowl / Onion Boys

$ 80.00

From the Tamanegi Boy (Onion Boys) series, this small bowl in porcelain is great for a small salad, veggie stew or your fave bisque. The illustrated characters are from Kikuko's imagination and views from the colorful and rich experience of her world. The bowl is wheel thrown and then decorated in an inlay technique. You can feel the moist whiteness and texture of the porcelain itself without using glaze on purpose.

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"Apples, peppers, onions, garlic, mandarin oranges... My house is surrounded by fields and rice paddies, which produce many delicious vegetables and rice. I love staring at the vegetables my husband harvests and the fruits and vegetables our neighbors give us. Just smelling the aroma, checking the texture, and observing the shadows and color changes that appear on the bumps and bumps, the time passes quickly. Onions, in particular, are very photogenic, I think, with their shape like an Arabian mosque and the crispness and luster of their dried skin."
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