Cute Coffee

Cute Coffee has an important story: bring single origin coffee, direct to us, through cultivating relationships with growers where growers get the most financial benefit. "We ask how can we get more money to the farms, the farm manager, the mill manager, the pickers, and the families involved. It’s about cutting out the middlemen who do not believe in the humanity of the exchange." With an ethos we can get behind, a new relationship began. Cute Coffee hand select growers, rigorously review their practices, taste their beans and when a batch is bought, it arrives to Cute Coffee in a raw state. Trained in roasting by the best in the business, Bianka and Sabreen roast in small batches to bring the freshest coffee to you... at Poet and/the Bench.

Cute Coffee Direct Trade, Delicious Single Origin Coffees Roasted To Order
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