Austyn Taylor / Fine Art / Sculpture / Flat Head Bear

$ 495.00

Flat Head Bear is a ceramic sculpture that captures Austyn Taylor's amusing outlook on animist history, and pop culture (eg flattened cartoon characters) sculpted in a very black, ebony-like finish using Aardvark Clay's Cassius Basaltic.

Austyn says, "I am a humanist, optimist and I suppose, a humorist, too. I make work that is strong and bold while balancing honesty and humility." 

From the artist: My work is formed within the populist style of American animation, I give the figures a meta-modernist examination and then pose them to stare self-consciously at the absurdity of our collective humanity. The resulting sculpted and drawn works use “concerned humor” to address subconscious pseudo-spiritual scripts underlying popularly embodied mythologies (psychologies) of self.
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