Austyn Taylor / Fine Art / Sculpture / Fashion

$ 825.00

Fashion is a ceramic trojan horse with style. Gotta love those kicks, hey? What other treasures might sculptor Austyn Taylor have hidden within this porcelain beauty?

Austyn says her work is the result of watching too many cartoons in the 80s! The work is accessible for people without a background in art history and esoteric mysticism but also has Easter eggs (hidden meaning or a special discovery) for people into Gilgamesh, Egyptology and Gertie the Dinosaur. "Lucky us, animals that imagine being human." 

From the artist: My work is formed within the populist style of American animation, I give the figures a meta-modernist examination and then pose them to stare self-consciously at the absurdity of our collective humanity. The resulting sculpted and drawn works use “concerned humor” to address subconscious pseudo-spiritual scripts underlying popularly embodied mythologies (psychologies) of self.
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